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AirPods, Olympics, Pantsuit…

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This week, along with a lot of other folks, we discussed Apple’s recent announcements about their new releases. This piece from — funnily enough — Wired outlines all the details about the new iPhone 7, including the controversial decision to remove the headphone jack. No one around here seemed particularly excited about that idea — but no big detractors either — although, we did lament that Apple still hasn’t found a way to reduce the number of cables needed down to one yet. Our own Kristina Bjoran smartly pointed out the best news from the announcement: they didn’t name the new headphones AirBuds. At least there are some things that are still sacred in this world.

You didn’t think we would stop talking about the Olympics just because they’re over, did you? Well, since the Paralympics are underway, I figured it would be okay to include this piece from Fast Company covering the Olympics of Olympics graphics in this week’s post. It’s no surprise that The New York Times walks away with the gold medal; their graphics department is top notch. This graphic in particular was called out for its performance and certainly deserves that gold. Kudos, New York Times.

We were glad to see a handful of articles about the election and design covered this week, particularly this peek behind the curtain of Hillary’s campaign branding. The very talented Jennifer Kinon is heading up design at headquarters in Brooklyn, and regardless of what you think of Hillary herself, the work from Kinon’s team is fantastic so far. They even got a rare good review from UserOnboard for the Hillary 2016 app. This review of the UI Pattern Library that the campaign uses — appropriately named Pantsuit — was especially good to see. We’re big fans of Pattern Libraries and design systems here at Forum One, and we are always happy to see other folks carrying the torch as well. We’re looking forward to seeing what else Hillary’s teams come up with in the next couple of months.

Finally, Israeli artist Sigalit Landau left a black dress in the Dead Sea for two months for her project Salt Bride. The results are beautiful.

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