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We’re just into summer, but spring is annual report season, and we admired Airbus Group’s Report this week. Annual Reports are notoriously pricey to produce, and it’s great to see more and more companies opt for an online version for their reports. They clearly still designed a for-print version, and a digital version is available from our favorite feature of their site: a “create-your-own” report generator where you can pick and choose which parts of the report you want as well as get a customized pdf file to download. Just one part of the well-designed and thought-out report website.

If you’ve traveled recently, you surely stood in line to go through security. Isn’t it fun? If you happened to be flying Delta from Atlanta, maybe you were lucky enough to try out their new “Innovation Lanes.” I might actually find those fun—seems to me that they’re using some great techniques and ideas to get people through faster. I wish the video included what the experience is like for a person from start to finish, but it does give a little preview. I’m sure it’s not perfect, but it’s a start to making the process more efficient. I’d love to see what would happen if you applied some human-centered design principles to the security process. Maybe that’s what they did here, but imagine what other creative kinds of ideas we could all come up with!

We admired InVision’s Product Design Industry Report and the slick, bold website that went along with it’s release. We’re big fans of InVision here at Forum One; we use use their prototyping tools and Boards with our clients, most recently on the newly launched Peace Corps website redesign. For their report, InVision surveyed 1657 designers in 65 countries to see trends across the board: work environment, top-earning cities—San Francisco wins that one hands down…shocking no one—working time, and much more. There are some really interesting tidbits in the full report, which you can download from the website. The one that struck us the most was that while men and women are equally as likely to work in a startup, the average salary for a male designer there is $79,517, while a female designer’s is $43,500. You have some serious work to do to fix that, startups. That’s just shameful.

And finally, have you ever felt like watching Finding Nemo but just don’t have the time? Well, you only need 3 minutes to watch it performed with emojis.

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