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The Art of Storytelling: Designing Change Agent

How can you better tell your mission story? Our two-part story approach was used in our exciting new project launch and can be used for your next storytelling opportunity.

Change Agent Winter 2018 is produced twice a year by the Communications Network, a community of Foundation and Non-profit communications professionals. This edition for Winter 2018 features 11 amazing articles by leaders in the communications’ industry. 

We partnered with the Network to develop the visual concept and design the Winter 2018 edition. This was a fun project and the process presents some key takeaways to help you as you structure and present your content. 

Change Agent example.

Change Agent example.

Change Agent example.

In the above video, I explore our approach to storytelling, using the Change Agent design approach as an example. 

Here’s are highlights from the video:

Story Structure

  • Great stories have a strong beginning.
  • Most of the action happens as milestones in the middle. 
  • Do stories have an end (watch the video to find out)?

Story Style

  • Connect data/facts with emotion to improve engagement. 
  • Spark the imagination.
  • Use visuals to inspire people—make them think and make them feel.  


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