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Atlassian for Nonprofits: Facilitating Collaboration

Atlassian provides a powerful suite of tools that are already loved by developers, but are also gaining traction with non-technical teams within organizations.

Atlassian tools fit into your organization’s digital ecosystem and help teams communicate, collaborate, and coordinate to get work done. Jira Software is already the #1 issue tracking tool for agile development teams, but non-technical teams can also harness the power of JIRA. In Forum One’s webinar on Atlassian Tools for Nonprofits, we look at how non-technical teams can use Jira Core, Confluence, and Jira Service Desk to work more efficiently and effectively. 

Jira Core

In the same way that software development teams break down a complex development project into manageable pieces and assign responsibility, comms and admin teams can manage their ongoing projects and initiatives in Jira Core using custom issue types and workflows that map to existing organizational processes. This work can be visualized on a Kanban board to track progress and keep team members on the same page. 
Jira’s collaborative features— including the ability to assign, watch, comment on, and link issues—also give nonprofits the ability to connect people across their organizations to get the right people to help move projects forward. 


While Jira helps non-technical teams manage their work, Confluence helps them get it done. As a shared workspace, Confluence provides a single source of truth for information about your project and a space where your team members can collaboratively edit and share documents and files. 

With Confluence, teams can collaboratively edit documents in real time while being confident that a full revision history is being maintained. Confluence also integrates seamlessly with Jira, allowing users to view the status of Jira issues directly within Confluence, link requirements documentation to Jira issues, and bulk create issues in Jira without having to leave Confluence. This integration provides teams with a comprehensive view of what needs to get done, how it will be executed, and the current status of the project. 

Jira Service Desk

Finally, Jira Service Desk provides both technical and non-technical teams with ITIL certified help desk workflows to help you support both external and internal stakeholders. ITIL is an integrated set of best-practices for delivering IT services by aligning resources with organizational needs It’s the de-facto standard for IT help desk support.

But Jira Service Desk isn’t just for the IT department. Its user-friendly portal provides a means for any department to field support requests—including HR teams, finance teams, program teams, marketing teams, and many more. Its integration with JIRA and Confluence ensures that your entire organization is connected, so that  you can keep track of open request and resolve issues quickly. 

Free Community Licenses

Atlassian software is free for use by registered non-profit charitable organizations that cannot otherwise purchase Atlassian products. Simply apply for a free community license here.  As an Atlassian solutions partner, Forum One’s Atlassian Consulting Services can support you as you introduce the tools into your organization. 

In the meantime, learn more about how non technical teams can use the Atlassian tools by watching the the Atlassian for Nonprofits webinar recording

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