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Changing the World, One Innovation at a Time

The Global Innovation Exchange was officially launched at last week’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 in Silicon Valley, CA.

The Global Innovation Exchange is a platform for innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and collaborators to share valuable insights and resources in order to better address major global issues. The Exchange accelerates international development innovation where it is needed the most by making information easily accessible and collaboration possible at every stage of innovation. More than 4,200 innovations, 8,800 collaborators from around the world, and nearly $173 million in current funding opportunities can be found on the Exchange.

The Exchange — still very much in its infancy — has been in live beta release for over a year, where we used that time to learn more about its audiences, test driving functionality, and sourcing and developing content. If you haven’t yet, be sure to watch the complete announcement.

A Gathering of Entrepreneurs From All Over the Globe 

The 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) is the 7th annual event to bring together innovative and inspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world. By hosting the Summit once again — previously hosted in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Morocco, and Kenya — the United States reaffirmed its commitment to cooperation and collaboration in order to take on the world’s greatest challenges. This year’s speakers included President Barack Obama, who highlighted the importance of our global approach to making positive change. In partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the U.S. Department of State, and the Global Innovation Exchange, Forum One also developed the networking website for GES.

A Partnership of the World’s Leading Thought Leaders 

In the months leading up to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, the Exchange partnered with more than 100 organizations across the globe, such as the Australian Agency for International Development, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Korea International Cooperation Agency — in addition to the founding organization, USAID. These partners, spanning government, business, academia and civil society, believe that innovation and supportive collaboration around innovation are the keys to finding solutions to major world issues. Learn more about becoming a partner today. 

A Digital Platform with Sustained Growth 

During its first year, the Exchange has grown as a community platform very quickly. There are now over 8,000 members — innovators, entrepreneurs, experts, funders, mentors, researchers, scientists — who have profiles that access community features like commenting, following and customized content recommendations. Over 4,000 innovations have been added to the Exchange, creating a database of highly-navigable solutions to make the world a better place. Finally, funders have added funding opportunities to the Exchange, of which $182.3 million is actively available. Learn more about the trends and data available on the Exchange.

You, too, can be a member of the Exchange or add your organization as a partner. We look forward to seeing you in the Exchange.

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