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Considering Longform: A Reality Check

As a consultant, I'm not just out to sell work; I'm out to advise on best practices. They're tough to find. These digital communications best practices aren't often laid out simply, and they're even less often laid out practically. I mean, just give me some steps to get my work done, right?

Which brings me to “longform” content. We’ve written plenty about it in the past here at Forum One. And I’ve been researching it, defining it, and nailing down a number of strategies around the concept of long, interestingly-presented content for some time, too — often, if not always, side by side with my favorite person, Courtney Clark.

And now, after presenting a few talks this year at the 2016 NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC), I’ve written about something that’s been bugging me for a little while: organizations often wonder if they can produce longform content but may not stop to first consider if they should.

Courtney and I posted a (hopefully) handy little flowchart about whether or not to consider producing these labor- and resource-intensive publications, right here on the Forum One blog. But you should definitely check out what we published over on the NTEN blog, too:



It’s meaty and answers questions, and over on their blog, you’ll find some amazing resources related to storytelling, which is this month’s theme at NTEN.

Remember one thing, though: while the return on investment can be incredible, longform content is hard, time consuming, and expensive. Don’t be scared off! Just be realistic.

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