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Currency, ClearRx and Meetup…

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The look of currency around the world is an area rich with beautiful and innovative design (see, Australia…and Bhutan…and Aruba… and pretty much any country but the good ol’ US of A). Additionally, currency is often a project that designers choose to design or redesign in concept to show off their creative chops. Take this concept for Scottish currency by Amy Dunne, for example. With a muted color palette in combination with lovely illustrations of national animals, the notes would look great in anyone’s wallet! Some of the elements make us think she took some inspiration from Norway’s currency, probably the best redesign in the last few years, so good choices all around. Now if only the US could get in on this awesome currency design party—even just by making bills different sizes to help those with visual impairments. Anyone? Maybe? Well, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Speaking of useable design, this year Target transferred ownership all its pharmacies to CVS, a move that unfortunately means that the incredibly-lauded ClearRx clear medication system is no longer in use. Many customers are disappointed by the switch and that’s understandable; losing such a well-designed system in favor of the “old” ways must be incredibly frustrating. Medication directions should most definitely be crystal clear! We’re advocates for clear usability and good design here, and would love to see Target bring back ClearRx. There’s a reason that the system was on exhibit at MoMA. Here’s hoping that Target and CVS hear their customers and reintroduce clear and usable design.

This week we also discussed the new logo and brand from Meetup, and our reviews were mixed. A couple of folks like the new logo, a few prefer the original name-tag version. As with all redesigns, it’s important to look at the system as a whole before passing judgment. The “swarm” concept definitely seems appropriate, and the animated icons are well-designed. Even the monogram (just the “m” of the logo on a red background) has a nice presence to it. But even so, perhaps not a knock out of the park. What do you think of the new brand?

And finally…watch how Boeing makes a 737 in just nine days.

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