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Email Course: An Introduction to Data Studio

At Forum One, we’re big fans of Google’s Data Studio platform because it streamlines and strengthens the analytics reporting process. To introduce you to the platform’s main concepts and functionalities, we’ve developed a free ten-day “Introduction to Data Studio” email course. Register today!

More than ever, being able to put quantifiable metrics to nonprofit and foundation communications efforts is essential to making sure that you’re investing time and resources in the right areas. That being said, analytics reporting can feel difficult to manage, and metrics may seem hard to interpret—especially as most communications professionals are not analytics experts.

Google’s Data Studio platform is a great resource for communications professionals to implement templated reports that focus on key metrics and provide their stakeholders with clear and actionable information. 

To learn more about how the free platform works, sign up for our Introduction to Data Studio email course. Over the course of ten days, you’ll receive a daily tutorial that introduces you to a particular aspect of Data Studio and how it can help you better understand and manage your analytics reporting work.

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