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ESPN The Magazine, Pokemon Go, Web Typography…

"What We’re Talking About This Week" is a blog series featuring the articles, websites, topics, and trends that the Forum One team has been chatting about.

The majority of our work here at Forum One — but not all! — is digital, so every so often, it’s refreshing to take some inspiration from the print world. This week, the ESPNMagazineArt Tumblr came to our attention and had the designers drooling. The magazine is published biweekly, so I can’t imagine how insane their deadlines and turnaround times must be. Their schedule makes the design details, photography, and illustration all the more impressive. This is definitely a Tumblr that we’ll be following along and tapping into for some inspiration now and then.

Our longest conversation this week was not surprisingly about Pokemon Go, since it seems you can’t look at anything on the Internet without hearing about it these days. We had strong representation from both players and detractors, and it was a lively chat involving a lot of gifs. For those of you that haven’t installed this Chrome extension, there were some interesting pieces out there about the Pokemon Go phenomenon. This one from Mashable describes how the app’s mapping was created, and this one from Vox argues that this isn’t a fad but a sign of things to come. I have a tendency to agree with the Vox piece. Pokemon Go has one of the largest uses of AR on mobile that we’ve seen, and no doubt that trend will only continue. All coverage aside however, there are a bunch of Forum One folks out there trying to catch ‘em all — keep an eye out, and maybe you’ll run into one…but be sure to look up from your phone every now and then to make sure you don’t actually run into one.

Remember the days when you could really only use system fonts on your websites? Shudder. Those were dark days, y’all. This week, we came across two examples of sites that are taking advantage of what typography can do on the web these days. Both also happen to feature bright, bold colors that we’re happy to celebrate this summer. An Interesting Day is a single-page “conference” site has some great illustrations, too, plus some small design details that make it memorable — that sign-up form! Locomotive, an agency out of Montreal, has a site that we spent a lot of time exploring given all the content, interactions, and features. Check them both out, and let us know what you think!

And finally, have a look at this beautiful mural in Paris made entirely of origami birds.

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