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Forum One Digital Roundup

Welcome to our weekly roundup of what’s been happening in digital strategy this week! 

We talk, think, and write a lot about digital transformation at Forum One. Our society is going through a massive digital transformation all at once. We’ve been seeing innovative and interesting approaches to unique challenges. Here are a few of our favorite things happening on the internet right now.



  • The Appalachian Regional Commission created this map using their internal data team and ESRI tools to show COVID-19 cases in the Appalachian region.
  • King County, Washington, provides an outbreak summary in the Seattle area in this interactive daily data map
  • Global Web Index’s (GWI) data reports on the coronavirus and its impact on society. The report on media consumption is particularly interesting!
  • Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’s (IHME) IHME’s COVID-19 projections show demand for hospital services in each state, referenced in a White House press briefing as the “Chris Murray Model”


Join us again next week for our weekly digital digest of interesting and innovative things on the internet!

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