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Forum One Offers Support for the Drupal Association through #DrupalCares

Forum One is proud to have made a contribution to the Drupal Association in support of the #DrupalCares campaign. The campaign seeks to raise $500,000 by the end of May to make up the revenue shortfall caused by the COVID-19-related cancellation of DrupalCon North America, originally scheduled for May 2020  in Minneapolis. This event would have contributed roughly 60% of the Drupal Association’s annual revenue.

The Drupal Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports the Drupal application and its community. It is part of Forum One’s identity to support the efforts of “mission-driven” organizations like the Drupal Association. The Drupal Association has three key program areas:

  1. Infrastructure support: The Drupal Association operates, which serves as the project’s update server and repository of security advisories. It is the source for documentation about Drupal and its API and gives information to people evaluating it. The Drupal Association also provides localization tools for multilingual sites built on the Drupal platform and access to continuous integration (CI) tools used for automated testing. The association is also the place where developers congregate to collaborate to get support and contribute to the project.
  2. Event organization: The Drupal Association organizes and produces events worldwide. DrupalCon North America is the Drupal Association’s flagship event, and it brings Drupal enthusiasts from around the world together for a week of professional development, networking and collaboration. Drupalists began gathering this way back in 2005 when there were fewer than 100 attendees. By contrast, the 2019 DrupalCon North America drew more than 3,000 people.
  3. Community empowerment: What makes Drupal so special is its large, diverse community. This includes the developers who contribute code, user experience professionals who make the platform easy to use, and content specialists who produce documentation and educational materials. The Drupal Association supports the community and helps it thrive through its work on education; diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI); and through the promotion of both the project and its community. 

Forum One has been building websites and applications for our clients using Drupal since 2008. Many members of our team, including myself, have been working with Drupal even longer. This contribution acknowledges the support our team of talented developers has received from the community and the association in those 12 years. We intend to keep working with Drupal for many years to come, and this is our opportunity to give back. 

To learn more about the Drupal Association and the #DrupalCares campaign, visit Drupal Project Lead Dries Buyaert and his wife Vanessa have pledged to match individual donations up to $100,000 made through the end of this month. 

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