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Gorongosa Park Documentary Series Premiere on PBS

Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique is about to be featured in its very own documentary series on PBS. It is always great to see how our clients use their websites as a platform to further broadcast achievements and special events like this one. As you can see, Gorongosa showcased a photo from the documentary on their homepage leading to a blog post with more background information, dates and times, and photos.

This is a huge moment for the national park as it celebrates the incredible restoration effort in Gorongosa Park. A team of filmmakers, including wildlife cameraman Bob Poole, has spent the last two years documenting the park and the conservationists and scientists working on revitalizing this amazing environment.

“Gorongosa Park Rebirth of Paradise” premieres on PBS stations this week and then internationally on National Geographic Channel in October. We definitely enjoyed working on the Gorongosa website, and getting to design with such stunning photography for a great cause. We look forward to tuning in this week and getting an even more in-depth view of the park’s story. We hope you’ll tune in as well.

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