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How You Can Help Mission-Driven Organizations

We talk a lot about engaging audiences and bringing people together to solve the world’s biggest problems. However, we are all being asked to do the opposite of our nature, to stay at home and minimize our contact with others. Isolating as this may feel, it has created renewed opportunities for creative community-building and giving to the mission-driven among us. We’ve compiled a list of how you can help mission-driven organizations from home.

Help your community by giving locally

Many smaller organizations are wondering how long they will be able to fund their work and where they will get the funds to pay their staff. Giving locally is an impactful way to lend a hand and support the neighborhoods and community where you live. You can decide where to give locally by searching for “nonprofits in <my city>” or checking out community response funds that distribute their funds to many organizations so that your donation goes to a few different causes.

Do some desk research on where and what to donate

Make sure you are giving to an organization that you trust by finding out which organizations already do work in your community. They are going to be the most likely to do the most with your money. This might include a local food bank, support for those who have lost their jobs, animal rescue organizations, non-government healthcare agencies, or elderly support. Some of these mission-driven organizations have had to change where they focus their efforts, so find out what it is that they need from the community to continue working. It may be more useful to donate goods such as food, PPE, or homemade masks instead of money. Make sure that what you are able to offer is what is going to be most useful for the organizations you want to support. 

Consider what you have to offer

Maybe you don’t have spare funds or the ability to donate canned goods, but you do have extra time on your hands to write letters or reach out to someone in need. As a community member, you can donate your time, talents, and compassion. A lot of local organizations are looking for volunteers to help them manage in-kind donations (such as food banks) while others might be looking for social media support or virtual volunteers to help support their audiences who are stuck at home without a job and are wondering what to do next. You could also start a social media fundraiser to raise money for a local mission-driven organization that you care about to raise awareness of an issue that needs support.

Though we are all stuck at home, there are some creative ways to help mission-driven organizations thrive and continue to do great work. For a full list of organizations that might be in need of your help, check out this compilation on Charity Navigator.

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