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Molly Mattessich named VP of Delivery

We are excited to announce Molly Mattessich as Forum One’s new Vice President of Delivery. In this role, Molly ensures strong integration and delivery coordination of all our services.

In her new role as Vice President of Delivery, Molly assumes a strategic executive position, shaping a vision for efficient delivery amidst evolving project landscapes. As emerging technologies inevitably reshape Forum One’s offerings and approaches, Molly’s leadership includes anticipating and planning how teams work together most effectively on new products and processes.

“Our partners hire Forum One for our expertise—in design, technology, strategy, and more,” said Elisabeth Bradley, Forum One’s CEO. “But they also hire us for the way that we work. Excellent delivery ensures that our project teams are good stewards of our clients’ investments, and always focused on achieving the desired impact. Under Molly’s leadership, I am certain that our methodology will evolve to further empower our clients to make a greater impact in the world.”

To achieve this value, Molly works closely with the project management team and leads the development of services that strengthen Forum One’s project delivery, including quality assurance, accessibility, and content migration services. 

Prior to this role, Molly served as Managing Director of Project Delivery. She has held several roles at Forum One since first joining the company as a senior project manager in 2014. Her early experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali strengthened her resolve to continue to work for organizations that provide meaningful impact in people’s lives. At Forum One, a career highlight was working as part of the team that redesigned the Peace Corps website. 

“I’m proud to work on things that matter. Thinking deeply about the Peace Corps mission, or the science at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History–another highlight of my work at Forum One–and translating those experiences online, really drives home how special it is to build products that become a pivotal part of people’s lives. At Forum One, we’re all driven by helping mission-driven teams get better at what they do.” said Molly.

In 2022, Molly was named among the Top 50 Women Leaders in Virginia for her work at Forum One. She holds an MA in Communication with a concentration in corporate and nonprofit communications from Johns Hopkins University, and a BA in Psychology from Wellesley College.

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