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The Olympics (Surprise!)

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We’re just days away from the Closing Ceremonies of the Rio 2016 Olympics, which is a shame because this week’s content was just as compelling as last week. Since there was so much to cover, this week will be a little different than usual, with several quick links rather than more in-depth reviews. Let’s get to it.

For those who are lucky enough to leave Rio with a medal, they’ll also receive a small wooden box to keep it in. But this isn’t just any wooden box, it’s specifically designed for the innovative medals from this year’s Games. Not only is the packaging absolutely beautiful, it’s also sustainably produced!

Speaking of the medals, it’s pretty common to see the winners bite theirs. Apparently, it’s because the photographers are screaming at them to do so, but there’s also history behind the gesture.

The Refugee Olympic Team not only got one of the loudest ovations at the Opening Ceremonies, they’ve been an inspiration throughout this entire games, and a reminder of a severe crisis worldwide. But did you know that their official flag was inspired by a life-jacket?

Four-time medalist Simone Biles dominated the competition, even performed a double layout with a half twist named after her. She’s not the first one to get that honor, check out this selection of moves named after the gymnasts that first performed them in competition.

These alternative Olympic events are pretty fantastic. It’s too bad these sports don’t actually exist, because I’m pretty sure I would be a gold medalist in competitive falling over.

Simone Manuel made history with her gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle. She tied with Penny Oleksiak of Canada, something that isn’t as rare as you would think. Turns out there’s a nerdy reason why there are a lot of ties in swimming.

What events did you watch these past two weeks? If you tuned into the volleyball, turns out you’re in good company. If you watched the equestrian events…perhaps not so much. Five Thirty Eight ranked the best and worst Olympic sports—are the results what you would expect?

And that’s it! It’s a shame we’ll have to wait two more years for the PyeongChang Games, but I suppose the wait is what makes it special. So along with Rio, we’ll extinguish the flame of our Olympics discussion. For now.

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