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Our Favorite Resources to Help you Get Started in Google Analytics

Analytics can provide valuable insight into the performance of your site, its design and your communications strategy overall. Here are a few of our favorite resources to help you get started.

Getting Started 

Analytics Academy
Google Analytics has an excellent resource center with tutorials, how-to tips and videos. 

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics
From initially installing, setting up, configuring goals to starting analysis, this guide from does a great job in getting you started with setup.

How to Use Google Analytics: Getting Started
Google Analytics employs specific terms and it is necessary to have an understanding in order to be able to collect and utilize all the features Google Analytics has to offer. This source has a great glossary of GA terms, how to navigate the GA home page, an overview of the dashboard, as well as a guide for customization.

Understanding Google Analytics & Vocabulary

Digital Analytics Fundamentals
Google Analytics Academy clearly explains the vocabulary and capabilities of Google Analytics in six video units. Great beginners guide to understanding Google Analytics. 

Dimensions & Metrics Explorer
While this tool can look intimidating, it can be a real asset in better understanding how dimensions and metrics are calculated, along with those dimensions that have been retired from Google Analytics.

Understanding Regular Expressions

Regular expressions allow you to run more advanced searches within Google Analytics, creating reports with detailed subsets of data. 

Using Regular Expressions in Google Analytics
Find times when regular expresses can be valuable in building search queries.

Regular Expressions for Google Analytics
A robust overview of regular expressions. In order to find and utilize the most out of your data it may become necessary to employ regular expressions. Regular expressions, also known as Regex, can create filters, create one goal that matches multiple goal pages, and fine-tune funnel steps.  

Regular Expressions (Regex) Cheat Sheet
Regular expressions cheat sheet. Comprehensive list of special characters in regular expressions and their meanings, includes helpful examples as well. 

Query Explorer
Allows you test out different metrics and dimensions before putting them into your spreadsheet. 


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