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The Peace Corps Unveils its New Look and Website


The following press release was issued this morning by the Peace Corps, in collaboration with Forum One and Ogilvy Washington. We at Forum One are absolutely thrilled to have developed the new website and are excited for American volunteers across the globe to use it. 

The Peace Corps Unveils New Look to Engage Next Generation of Service-Minded Americans

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 1, 2016 – Today the Peace Corps unveiled a refreshed brand platform that underscores the agency’s commitment to engaging the next generation of Americans who want to make positive, lasting change in the world. The new look embraces a digitally focused communications approach and aims to make the Peace Corps more accessible to audiences through the platforms they already use.
Built to fit Peace Corps’ unique mission, the refreshed platform includes an updated logo with a bright, modern look, and a bold new website, overhauled to be responsive and completely mobile-friendly. Together the elements tell a compelling story that is authentic, fresh and engaging while still honoring the agency’s historic roots.

“The Peace Corps has more than 50 years of experience to build on, and our core mission hasn’t changed. But the world around us has,” said Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet. “The people-to-people work our volunteers do is the heart of the Peace Corps, and our new look puts those stories front and center. I’m thrilled to be leading the agency through this historic brand refresh that honors our past, but also opens a window to our future.”

Peace Corps’ in-house creative team collaborated with Ogilvy Washington on the visual elements of the refreshed identity, emphasizing a clean, forward-facing look. The updated logo includes key elements from the agency’s historic pre-existing logo—including the image of the dove, the American flag, and the U.S. colors—but modernized to be scalable in constrained digital spaces.

“We have great respect for the Peace Corps and the passion shared by the many volunteers and returned volunteers who care deeply about the mission,” said Robert Mathias, President, Ogilvy Washington. “The new brand identity is rooted in this vibrant legacy, connects with new audiences and positions the Peace Corps’ mission-driven brand for future generations. We are thrilled to have collaborated with the Peace Corps on this historic initiative.”

Forum One, a returned Peace Corps volunteer-owned digital agency, worked with the Peace Corps to completely overhaul PeaceCorps.Gov. The new site features a fresh design that is bold, compelling, and inspirational, and puts the volunteer experience at the center, with an emphasis on authentic narratives, captivating imagery, and volunteer-generated media. Users can easily navigate content and are presented with the most current and useful information at every point of their digital journey.

“As a returned Peace Corps volunteer, I’m extremely proud we’ve been able to work with the Peace Corps team on this important digital initiative,” said Chris Wolz, RPCV Nepal (1983-85), and CEO of Forum One. “I’ve seen first-hand the amazing impact the Peace Corps has on lives around the world and on the lives of its volunteers, including me! The new website will help the Peace Corps have an even stronger impact, by engaging an ever-wider audience to become inspired and take action!”

The Peace Corps has spent the last several years making tremendous reforms to its programs, strengthening support to promote health and safety, improving Volunteer training, and delivering a new application. With this strong foundation in place, the agency is ready to present a new look to engage the next generation of Americans, eager to use their talents and ingenuity to improve the lives of others around the world.

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