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Pearl, Nutrition Facts, Nerdy Infographics…

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We watched Google’s short film, Pearl. When I found out it was done by the same people that did Feast, I was in. Full disclosure, our own Daniel Ferro may have had to teach me how to use the cardboard viewer, and I may have felt like a technophobic granny, but I made it through. It’s a very sweet story, and the outcome is quite impressive, but I somewhat felt like I did when I re-watched Toy Story recently: it was a huge digital animation achievement at the time, but now seems a little clunky. I can see this short from Google being the same way in a few years when VR really hits its stride. Fast Company thinks that it’ll win next year’s Oscar for Best Animated Feature. I guess we’ll see come January!

The FDA announced recently that they’ll be keeping the Nutrition Facts label essentially the same, though they’ll be implementing a few welcome typography tweaks. Quartz’s review contains a bunch of great nuggets to explore, including links to some proposed designs that didn’t make the cut. Keep an eye out for the changes on your favorite snacks over the next couple of years.

We nerded out with the rest of the Internet over this amazing infographic by Swiss illustrator Martin Panchaud. He took Star Wars: Episode IV and turned it into a 4845.3 inch long infographic covering the entire movie. With the movie’s running time at two hours and five minutes, that’s a little over 38 inches per minute (told you we nerded out). Now that’s an impressive side project! Colored circles that represent the various main characters are my favorite detail. Well, that and the huge HUGUGUGUGUG breaks when the Tusken Raiders attack.

And finally, we all beg you to please take this advice next time you consider using Papyrus.

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