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Should I Longform? Flowchart

Our theme for the trip? Longform content! While we’re very excited about how nonprofits and other brands are leveraging highly designed, long, narrative content, we’ve been around the block a few times. We know this stuff can go crooked quickly when considerations are rushed over.

Longform Content: A Cautionary Tale

Presented March 22 @ WordPress Day, NTC

First, we spoke to a fantastic group of WordPress users at NTC’s WordPress Day (shout out to the wonderful Cornershop Creative folks for organizing!). We aimed to inspire, yet curb over-enthusiastic teams by walking through some cautionary tales of longform content gone awry.

Check out our slides:

What is Longform Content and Should I Be Doing It?

Presented March 24 @ NTC

Then later, on Thursday, we took a deeper dive and explored what makes good longform good. We emphasized the importance of narrative (and spent a good deal of time on pulling it apart to see how narrative works). We audited some existing longform builder tools, along with their pros and cons. And finally, we helped our audience answer the question: should I even try my hand at longform content? We don’t have the answers for everyone. But we can help guide them along.

Check out our slides:

Check out our flow chart below for some guidance if you find yourself in a similar position!

longform content

Oh, and if you’d like that deeper dive, our slide decks are available too! Although you will have missed the beauty of all our animated gifs. If you really want them, tweet at us –@Bjoran_Identity and @circlish

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