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Simplifying, GBoard, Typography…

"What We’re Talking About" is a blog series featuring the articles, websites, topics, and trends that the Forum One team has been chatting about.

This week, Tim Shaw brought this article to our attention, and we were impressed how simplifying the Washingtonian’s homepage had increased traffic 18%. It’s a great case study and reference for us in the future. In our work at Forum One, we see a lot of focus and attention paid to homepages when, in fact, the interior pages should sometimes get the spotlight, especially when so many users go directly to the content through search results. But these results certainly show that the homepage—and getting it right—can still be a big driver for your website, especially for organizations with constantly refreshed content.

Several of us downloaded the new GBoard keyboard to our iPhones. This is the second mobile keyboard that has caught our attention recently, as Microsoft released a version that is optimized for one-handed use. Both of these releases solve major usability problems and pain points for users performing common actions on their devices. Google addressed the problem of needing to switch between apps to search for content to share, and Microsoft helped out users who type with one hand on their phones. The keyboard has to be one of the most used features of mobile devices, and with usage ever increasing, it’s no surprise that organizations are looking to elevate the mobile experience. Of course, the flashiest—and my favorite—feature for GBoard is the easy gif and emoji search that will take your texting game to the next level. My favorite GIF is coming your way left and right soon, friends.

Did you know typography can save your life? This piece from ProPublica explains just how while covering several government-mandated typography issues in great and interesting detail. We’re happy to see the most recent change from the National Weather Service, not only because they’re no longer “YELLING” at us, but more importantly, their warnings and announcements will be easier to read. Not such great news is that improvements to highway signs will no longer be required. Check out these legibility studies on a new typeface for those signs, and you just might also be disappointed that these changes won’t be happening. It’s a shame. But at least the National Weather Service knows the importance of legibility and sentence case! 

And finally, we celebrated the launch of and the latest Nation’s Report Card this week. What did you celebrate?

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