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Summer Internship Making an Impact

We are halfway through the year and nearly halfway through our 2021 Summer Internship Program at Forum One. Last summer, after making the decision to continue our internship program virtually despite the global pandemic, we decided it was important for us to again offer the program virtually. And as I watch and hear about the impact our summer interns are making already, I’m so glad we did! 

This summer we have welcomed nine interns to our team from across the country. It’s an opportunity for them to learn from our experts, for our experts to learn from them, and be a part of some important work we are moving forward as a company. As part of our internship program, we are also happy to have continued our partnership with the Posse Foundation.

Making an impact in 2021

Learn about each of our amazing Forum One 2021 interns and how they are helping to make an impact this summer.

  • Ayomide Fatoye, Technical Team – Ayomide attends Texas A&M University majoring in General Engineering – Computer Science. 
  • Beatrice Mhando, Marketing Team – Beatrice attends Vanderbilt University majoring in Communications Studies & Computer Science. Beatrice is a Posse Foundation Leadership Scholarship recipient.
  • Feru Deshong, Marketing Team – Feru attends Babson College majoring in Marketing. Feru is a Posse Foundation Leadership Scholarship recipient.
  • Jacob Lagmay, Design Team – Jacob recently graduated from Oregon State University with his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Psychology minor. 
  • Maddalena Cursone, Client Services Team – Maddalena recently graduated from Babson College with her Bachelor of Science in Global Business Management & Strategic Management. Maddalena is a Posse Foundation Leadership Scholarship recipient.
  • Maggie Yuan, Design Team – Maggie attends Rice University majoring in English & Visual Arts. 
  • Nicolas Dotson, Client Services Team – Nick attends the University of Wisconsin, double majoring in Journalism – Strategic Communications and Political Science. 
  • Ronunique Clark, Government Services Team – Ronunique recently graduated from Boston College with her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Ronunique is a Posse Foundation Leadership Scholarship recipient.
  • Valeria Dowd, Strategy Team – Val recently graduated from DePauw University with her Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies. 

About the Forum One internship experience

We believe it is our responsibility to give students an opportunity to gain experience in the business world and an introduction into a new field and to connect them with a network of mentors. Each year, we strive to provide our interns an opportunity to strengthen their skills in the service area they are interested in, learn about other services within our organization, encourage them to meet staff on other teams, and introduce them to contacts outside of our organization to increase their networks. 

We see the value of interns as a great way to build our recruiting pipeline, but also as a way to open up opportunities to those that might not have a network. Our staff also enjoy the opportunity to work with our interns and learn from their experience as well. They not only bring an extra set of hands and skill sets to our staff, but they also bring fresh perspectives and ideas. Another added benefit of the internship program is that we are able to give other staff members who may not have had the opportunity to manage others a chance to mentor and guide our interns.

Welcome to the Forum One team, Ayomide, Beatrice, Feru, Jacob, Maddalena, Maggie, Nicolas, Ronunique, and Valeria! We’re so glad you’re here.

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