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Top 5 Planning Tips for Drupal 8

Recently, we published a comprehensive guide to planning your upgrade to Drupal 8. We followed that up with a webinar—watch it below.

But in today’s time-pressed world, many people need a 30-second outline of what they need to know and do. Here are your steps:

Step 1: Set Your Overall Budget and Timeline

Whether handled in house or with outside help, a Drupal upgrade represents a significant investment in time and budget. Ask yourself:

  • Are there any strategic events driving our timeline?
  • Is there anything about D7 that’s holding us back?
  • What expertise do I need – internally and externally?
  • Can this big project be separated into smaller, less risky projects?
  • In which fiscal year will our project(s) hit?

Step 2: Evaluate Your Existing Site

Every Drupal 8 migration is unique. You need to start by evaluating your site’s content and platform. 
We outline the steps in this Drupal Upgrade Planning Guide.

Step 3: Talk to People Who Are Upgrading

The Drupal community is full of people struggling with the same challenges you are likely facing. Here’s where you can get help:

Step 4: Give Drupal a Test Drive

Several hosting providers are offering to help you test-drive a demo installation of Drupal 8 in 20 minutes or less.

Step 5: Get Help from Qualified Drupalists

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