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TV Doctors, Minimalism, Internet Colors…

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This week we enjoyed this ad from Cigna that reunites some of TV’s finest fake doctors for a good cause. A slow burn, it’s not immediately clear what this spot might be featuring, but once it becomes clear, the concept certainly deserves a slow clap. Personally, I can recite most of Scrubs by heart at this point, so anything that features everyone’s favorite Poison-loving surgeon certainly pulls at my heart strings. But overall, this is a clever ad that certainly hits its mark in a smart way.

The conversation about the new iPhone has certainly not died down. We had a giggle about these clever Twitter reactions, but really enjoyed this piece from Jeff Kunzler railing against the new design, and minimalism in general. While some of the clunky examples he uses in his argument may be a bit much, he has an interesting point—have we gotten to a point with our technology and design where we’ve lost all sense of personality? Perhaps we haven’t reached “peak minimalism” yet, but maybe it’s coming. I suppose only time will tell!

We gave ourselves a challenge this week to guess the most popular color on the Internet. Some of us may have gotten it very wrong (someone guessed mac n’ cheese yellow?), but with little effort, it’s not hard to guess the answer. Blue has long been a safe choice in branding because of its association with serenity and overall “trustworthy” quality. So it’s no surprise to know it’s the most common color that you’ll come across as your browse. Is it what you would have guessed?

And finally, this guy did a growth chart with his dog and a bottle of Sriracha and it is adorable. Enjoy.

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