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Understanding Audience Perceptions for Rebranding

The most successful brands are all about the people they serve. If you are considering rebranding your organization, read this first. A brand statement, vision, or mission that doesn’t mention their audience isn’t a mission, vision, or brand statement at all. Rethinking your brand shouldn’t be any different. Your brand is the visual and verbal manifestation of who you are and why you matter to the world. When it comes to your brand, building empathy is the most valuable thing you can do for your organization. Here are a few areas where it will be useful to dig in further with your audience so that you can be successful in providing an experience that is meaningful and engaging.

Motivations and barriers

You need to know what motivates your key audiences to take action, and conversely stops them from taking action so that you can craft an experience that is easy to get engaged in. Maybe they love a certain phrase but greatly dislike another, or perhaps they want to see photos of people that look like them but not drawings — the point is that you want to know what moves them so that they can be a part of your brand in a meaningful way.

Who else is out there

No organization operates in a vacuum. Unless you’ve got a revolutionary, visionary idea that no one has yet thought of in the world of mission-driven work, there are likely quite a few others doings things in your space. Find out from your audiences what they are doing well, where there are opportunities to fill a gap, and how you can stand out from the other noise that is distracting your audience from taking action or engaging with your brand. 

Keeping promises

One of the things that almost all famous brands have in common is that they start with one thing they know they can promise and do very well every time. Find out what is most important about your brand to those loyalists who are already regularly involved with your brand. Start with the one thing you can promise to your users and continue to do it really well like you are for those who already engaged with your “promise.”

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