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Why SEO Is So Important for Nonprofits

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice that helps improve your site’s visibility in organic search results. Whether your goal is to raise awareness about an issue, increase online donations, or incite volunteering sign-ups, a good SEO strategy can help you get there. Research shows that over 90% of searchers do not click beyond the first page of results. This means that if you’re not listed in the first few pages, your content is most likely not going to be found or seen. Improving your organization’s SEO helps bring the right audiences to your content, and increases the likelihood that they will take action and contribute towards your main goals. While optimizing your SEO requires time, effort, and patience, it is most definitely worth it. Here are three big reasons why SEO is so important for nonprofits.

1. SEO helps to raise awareness

SEO helps raise awareness of your organization’s mission, work, and stories. People who care about a social issue or a cause are very likely to use search engines to find relevant information about it. Having your site listed within the top results can increase the visibility of your site and drive in relevant, high-quality traffic. Together, with the right content and calls-to-action on your web pages, SEO is one of the best ways to spread your mission’s story.

2. SEO can boost online donations

When it comes to fundraising, online donations play an extremely important role. Not only should you make it easy for your donors to give within your site, but you should make it easy to find your site in the first place using search engines. Optimize your donation pages by including the right keywords associated with an easy-to-follow donation process. Doing so helps simplify the process for your supporters and improve the performance of your website’s fundraising work.

3. SEO strengthen your support network

Supporters are the backbone of a great number of nonprofit organizations. From grassroot to foundation-level assistance, supporters help with operations, fundraising, and outreach. Optimizing your signup pages for newsletters, events or volunteer opportunities, will make it easier for  potential supporters to find you and get involved. These are just three reasons to optimize your SEO. There are of course many more, but most importantly, remember that SEO does matter, and that you do need to be paying attention to it as you set out to achieve your goals. Further Reading:

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