Washington All-Payer Claims Database (WA-APCD)
Informed Decision-making With Healthcare Data in Washington State

Forum One designed the brand identity and built a new web application for the Washington All-Payer Claims Database (WA-APCD), a Washington State Governor’s initiative to bring greater transparency to healthcare costs in the state and give residents powerful tools to make data-driven, informed decisions that maximize healthcare quality and value.
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Engaging, Interactive Design

Forum One designed and developed a custom Drupal web application to help the public engage directly with the WA-APCD data. Our user experience design emphasized clarity, and we worked closely with the WA-APCD partner organizations to ensure the web application was clear enough to be actionable while also complying with privacy, data integrity, and legal requirements.

We worked together to create an interactive experience with the data, making Washington one of only seven out of 20 states with legislated APCDs where consumers can directly compare prices for procedures and services, and measures of healthcare quality.

Branded for Inclusion

From the very start of the project, we understood that it was important that the WA-APCD application and brand serves, represents, and resonates with all Washington residents – not just the large populations in the Seattle area.

With this in mind, before even embarking on the web application, Forum One first conducted stakeholder workshops and market research to clearly define the web application’s audiences, goals, and vision. We incorporated the insights we gained to create a design system and toolkit of brand materials, including visuals, messaging voice and tone, and consistent brand elements to make the web application and all other WA-APCD materials cohesive, anchored, and inclusive.

Through its work developing the Washington HealthCareCompare website, Forum One has helped Washington state take a big step forward in providing consumers cost and quality information to assist them in making informed choices about health care.

Thea Mounts, WA-APCD Program Director, Washington State Office of Financial Management

Strengthening a Statewide Partnership

The web application represents the tip of the iceberg in terms of the data collected and the efforts involved in the WA-APCD. The application is the product of a close partnership between the Washington State Office of Financial Management, the Center for Health Systems Effectiveness at Oregon Health & Science University, Onpoint Health Data, and Forum One. To reflect this collaborative team and keep the momentum going for future projects, Forum One also created a distinct brand identity to the Partnership, unifying the team and presenting a consistent, credible identity to the many data providers, stakeholders, and contributors involved.


The website provides actionable information and best practices for patients, providers, hospitals, and communities to understand the state of healthcare in Washington, and continuously improve healthcare quality and value through performance benchmarks and metrics. It also allows businesses and individuals to optimize their healthcare purchasing strategies, while promoting competition in the marketplace to further increase quality and cost efficiency.

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