March of Dimes
Streamlining an Ecosystem of Sites

Forum One partnered with March of Dimes to consolidate their more than 40 web platforms to develop an easy and streamlined experience for audience members to engage as they like, as well as create a website that could clearly communicate their mission.
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March of Dimes is dedicated to leading the fight for the health of all moms and babies. Their goals are to end preventable maternal health risks and deaths, end preventable preterm birth and infant death, and close the health equity gap. Their work includes research, education for families and health professionals, support for families directly affected by the maternal health crisis, and advocacy.

March of Dimes had an ecosystem of more than 40 web platforms, all serving individual audiences. Many of these platforms were outdated or not serving an audience need. There were significant inconsistencies in design, usability, and integration. Forum One’s work with March of Dimes to consolidate web properties developed an easy and streamlined experience for audience members to engage as they like.

March of Dimes also has communications challenges. As an organization, March of Dimes has incredible brand recognition, yet many people don’t know exactly what they do. Forum One was posed with the challenge of creating a website that would clearly communicate the mission, at a quick glance.

March of Dimes knew their many disparate platforms were a problem, but it was hard to even quantify. Relying on so many different platforms made analytics tracking nearly impossible, prohibiting improvement in personalized experiences and audience engagement. 

Before embarking on the website redesign work, our team worked with March of Dimes to create a robust digital strategy and roadmap to help inform the best path forward for the new March of Dimes digital ecosystem. The strategy got strong buy-in from March of Dimes leadership and was used as a cornerstone for decision-making throughout the web design process.

Upon launch, we had a site that put the mission of March of Dimes at the forefront. The platform is engaging, user-friendly, and collects several of their previous sites under one domain.


The new website is meeting audience members where they are. Whether they are excited to volunteer, have a child in the NICU, or are researching maternal health, there are quick entry points to get useres where they need to be. Making this as easy as possible helps the larger mission of March of Dimes while serving individuals on a highly personal level.

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