Virtual Event Strategy and Management

Organizations everywhere are being forced to rethink their in-person events. Transitioning to a live broadcast, be it a Zoom Meeting or Facebook Live, often seems like the obvious solution for our current reality, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the right answer.

Virtual experiences are in our DNA

Forum One has been planning virtual and in-person events since 1996. From organizing the first large scale Health Datapalooza to training the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on event software, we understand how to transform your event into a virtual experience. 

We also know that the best virtual events are not just online replicas of in-person events. Virtual events, planned well can increase attendance, sponsor engagement, participant value, and ultimately have a more lasting impact. 

Whether you need to rethink your large annual gathering, replace intimate advocacy briefings for important audiences, or anything in between, we have a number of virtual event strategy and management services to help you succeed.

Ready: Digital Event Planning and Strategy

One size doesn’t fit all and we can help your team determine the right online event cadence, mix of engagement opportunities to offer attendees, tools to use, how much to charge, level of production required, and sponsor engagement approaches best suited for the goals of your event.

Set: Digital Event Preparation

With your event strategy in place, your team still has a lot of work to do to make your digital event a meaningful experience. We can help at every step leading up to the event with:

  • Event Platform Implementation, Customization, and Integration with existing websites and channels
  • Event Branding and Asset Development
  • Speaker Preparation and Organization
  • Live and Orchestrated Production Setup
  • Event Build Up Marketing

Go: Live Event Support

Our team extends yours to make sure your event comes off without a hitch. Different scale events have different needs, and we provide

  • Live Engagement Curation, Moderation, and Facilitation
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Technical Production Support for Live Streaming

Learn: Event Impact Measurement and Follow Up

With virtual the new normal, your team needs to make sure you learn from every event to make the next event more successful. Your virtual event will have also created extremely valuable content for your community that needs to be synthesized, re-packaged, and made available. Make sure you’re not ignoring the post-event opportunities to deepen engagement with your audiences.

  • Event KPI Measurement and Reporting
  • Attendee Follow Up, Content Repackaging and Repurposing

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