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Kareim Bakhsh

Kareim graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in Marketing. His time at St. Thomas provided him with a solid foundation in consumer behavior and market insights. After completing his degree in marketing, he had the opportunity to work at a branding agency as a digital strategist, where he learned the importance of crafting impactful online campaigns and harnessing digital platforms to drive brand success.

Following his tenure as a digital strategist, he explored the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), spending two years optimizing content and enhancing online visibility for various clients. It was an exciting journey of continuous learning and adaptation to ever-evolving algorithms.

In the pursuit of new challenges and growth, he eventually transitioned to the field of analytics. Over the past year, Kareim has been fortunate to work in analytics, where he’s had the chance to leverage data to uncover valuable insights. His role in analytics has allowed him to contribute to data-driven decision-making and provide meaningful contributions to his clients.

Favorite issues:

  • Economic Wellbeing
  • Youth Homelessness

It may surprise you:

  • He loves Hardcore & Metal Music
  • He was born and raised in Minnesota

Can’t live without:

  • Music
  • Books

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