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Thomas Quigley

Thomas is a Design Director at Forum One, where he puts his design and team management skills to the test, innovating and improving upon our design operations, helping to manage our amazing design team, and assisting with business development activities. Before joining Forum One, Thomas was a Creative Director at Verbal+Visual. Thomas also studied at Bard College where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art.

Favorite Issues:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Environment & Conservation

It May Surprise You:

  • He’s visited 49 of 50 states in America and is hoping to cross the last one (Alaska) off of his list in the next year with any luck!
  • Like many folks, he discovered a love of pottery during the pandemic and has been obsessed ever since!

Can’t live without:

  • Music. He keeps a list of desert island discs and updates it regularly.
  • Pen and paper. As much as he loves digital, he still needs analogue pen-and-paper to keep organized and ideate, when necessary!

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