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Lessons Learned from Communications in 2020

2020 was quite a year. Mission-driven organizations have had to adapt quickly to changing work environments and ongoing social issues that have made them rethink their communications entirely.

You may have found it challenging to know what to respond to or when and how to respond while remaining true to your values and supporting your internal teams. As 2021 continues to present communications challenges, we are using valuable insights from 2020 to develop communications strategies for mission-driven organizations.

In this webinar, we will discuss what we’ve learned about how mission-driven organizations can communicate internally and externally even when things are constantly changing.

Specifically, we’ll focus our discussion around:

  • The What: Good practices for formulating internal and external communications to respond to unpredictable events.
  • The How: Developing a communications response process that is both flexible and consistent.
  • The Why: The impact of an effective communications response on how stakeholders, customers, and internal audiences respond to your brand.

After attending this webinar, you’ll have some authentic, effective, and practical strategies that you can apply to your organization’s communications response plan.


Hannah Webster, Strategic Communications Director

Victoria Palmer, Digital Content Strategist

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