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Is Your Digital Strategy and Ecosystem Getting You to Your Goals?

As we hit the midpoint of the calendar year, let’s look back on the goals you set up for your organization and team for 2023. Do they still make sense today? Are you on track? Are you able to report on progress? Are your tools working as you intended? Are the priorities you set out to tackle still your top priorities?

As digital approaches, tools, and trends evolve throughout the year, knowing whether our initial digital strategy and technology choices are working for our audiences and teams is essential for progress to be made. In some cases, things may be going in the right direction. In others, progress may not be as strong as expected.

In this webinar, we will explore some of the signs, symptoms, and potential remedies to either realign or amplify your current strategy to ensure that you’re reaching your annual goals. We’ll discuss:

  • How your digital strategy and digital ecosystem should inform each other to ensure efficiency and effectiveness
  • Whether your goals are aligned with your resources, investments, and technology choices
  • The importance of governance and workflows to avoid silos 
  • What questions should you ask to identify when a tool is no longer helping you meet your goals

The webinar is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about your digital strategy and ecosystem that relate specifically to your existing challenges, so let us know what is top of mind as it relates to your decision making.


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