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Optimizing Instead of Redesigning Your Website

Over the last year, mission-driven organizations across the globe have had to learn how to shift and change the way they operate, communicate, and advocate for the issues they care about. This has often meant putting off major website redesign projects in order to instead adapt step-by-step in uncertain times.

As 2021 brings on new challenges, the way that organizations approach their website strategy will continue to require creative and flexible strategies. If a full website redesign is not in the cards, what can you do now with your current website that will allow you to create and expand your impact? The answer is: quite a lot. 

From ensuring that your website’s technical infrastructure is up-to-date, to optimizing content and design that is more likely to get noticed and consumed by key audiences, there are small yet powerful tweaks and improvements that you can do now that will increase engagement with your website.

In this session, we’ll provide guidance and best practice examples around:

  • Strategic planning: what needs to change?
  • Website optimization: how can you increase visitors?
  • Experience design and interaction: how can you delight your audience?
  • Website maintenance: what is out of date and why does this matter?

You’ll come away from this session with a firm understanding of immediate and practical steps to strengthen and improve how your organization’s website contributes to your mission. 


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