Rise Like a Phoenix… From the Ashes of a Dumpster Fire – Managing Disappointment When Great Work Doesn’t Achieve Great Outcomes

We’ve all heard the talks many times: ‘Things were going really badly and the stakeholders were going to fire everyone, but then we did this cool activity/intervention/approach, and that completely turned the project around and we were heroes!’ That’s absolutely how we want it to be. We want our work to make a difference. And we should.

Sometimes, though, it just goes wrong. You do your best work on a project; you try new things when you don’t see the desired results; you regroup and reset and rework; and in the end, the needle just doesn’t move and everyone is unhappy. This talk from Forum One’s User Experience Director, Tim Shaw, is a talk for those times. It is about accepting the moments of disappointment we have all felt and charting an effective and healthy path forward. It’s about remembering you are good and you can rise again.


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