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Tim Shaw

Tim develops executive-level digital and user experience strategies and then guides their implementation through detailed information architecture and content strategy work. He is an avid sketcher of navigation approaches and is particularly focused on leveraging information architecture and analytics data to drive design optimization. Tim also has a strong interest and expertise in data visualization, leading major work for the US Department of Education in this area. And if you have governance issues, he’s your man for that too.

In addition to more recent user experience training, Tim’s academic background mixes of analytical and strategy skills courtesy of an MBA from Columbia Business School and reasoning and logical argument abilities honed through a BA in philosophy from Bates College. The result provides clients a seamless link from big ideas and foci to key paths, actions, and content to ongoing review and optimization.

Favorite issues:

  • Education
  • Environment & Conservation

It may surprise you:

  • He writes Chine bLog, a blog dedicated to wooden and tradition-inspired boats.
  • Tim is beginning work building his fourth boat, the second of his own design.

Can’t live without:

  • A beautiful stretch of water and a pretty small boat

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