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Digital Government Trends in 2023

As we begin 2023, we are seeing big changes in the way federal and state governments work.  Some of the digital government trends I believe will be most impactful in 2023 include:

Where We Work – Many government agencies have liberalized their work-from-home policies. While some agencies still require everyone to come in every day, many have much more flexible policies, and some even allow fully-remote work, which was unusual before the pandemic. In addition to productivity and happiness gains for those who thrive in hybrid or at-home environments, these changes are leading to a more digitally fluent workforce, with greater insights into how citizens access services online. 

Customer Experience – The focus on customer experience (CX) will become sharper for federal government agencies in 2023 as they get serious about the “Executive Order on Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government.” CX is all about making government easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to reach. Good CX builds trust in government and can help change the public’s perceptions of impenetrable bureaucracies. State and local governments, while not mandated, have long realized the importance of having good digital tools to create fantastic citizen experiences.

Artificial Intelligence for Government – In 2023 we will enter a golden era of AI, where it begins to impact our work lives in tangible and extraordinary ways. Government agencies that are open to using AI will see improved customer service through streamlined services and faster processing times. AI will be used to take meeting notes and summarize key points and action steps. It can help streamline the design process (whether designing buildings, highways, or print materials), write reports faster, and give agency staff more significant insights into large datasets. By the end of 2023, innovative government agency staff will be using AI in both subtle and amazing ways.  

Upgraded Websites – Government agencies that have not upgraded their website platform in the last few years may need to act fast to get on a modern, supported CMS. Drupal 7, one of the more popular website platforms, will be unsupported as of November 2023.  Anyone using it must complete a major upgrade to either Drupal 9 or another CMS. Likewise, there are persistent rumors that Percussion CMS will be unsupported as of February 2023. Agencies with websites on either of those platforms should call Forum One ASAP to ensure your website is secure and supported.

Data Storytelling – Government is swimming in data.  But the data is useless if it isn’t being used.  We think that data storytelling through maps, infographics, charts, and interactive features will become much more popular in 2023. Combined with excellent AI tools, it may become easier than ever to use data to convey key ideas.

Video is King – Any government agency that wants to communicate with the general public via advertising and social media should be using video to get their message out. Video is vastly more effective at gaining traction on social media than text or images alone. We’ve helped dozens of clients reach new audiences with video. 

Inclusive Engagement – Many governments recognize that they need to make it easier for diverse communities to take advantage of government services. In 2023 digital engagement will not just focus on the average citizen, but also consider diverse communities and their needs. When done properly, this will lead to more accessible digital services for all citizens.

What trends did we miss for 2023?  Let us know what you think should have been on the list. And reach out to share how these trends are shaping your work in the new year!

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