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Message of Gratitude for Forum One

On Thanksgiving, I’d like to take share a message of gratitude to my colleagues at Forum One – thank you all for your efforts, hours, hard work, and dedication toward amplifying the impact of mission-driven organizations through the amazing work you do. The work is not always easy, but you make it look beautiful and seamless.

I also reached out to a few of my colleagues to hear what they are grateful for at Forum One and each of their responses reflected one of the things that makes Forum One so great – the people.

I am thankful for the many get well wishes from my colleagues at  Forum One over the past four months.  I am thankful to walk again, although slowly…I am moving.

~ Barbara Bianco, Vice President Talent and & Acquisition

I’m thankful for the staff. I have met so many besties at work, it is not even funny. Also special shout out to my support devs who encourage me and give me excellent feedback and great partnership. I really like what I do and the people I work with every day.

~ Jacky Graham, Project Manager

I am thankful for the people and the friendships I’ve gained from Forum One, especially my manager, Tina. Her leadership and friendship mean so much to me. She motivates and inspires me to always be learning and to always give my best. I am also thankful for the flexibility at Forum One. Having gone through major life milestones while working here, I’m thankful that Forum One supports me and my family.

~ Kassandra Swenson, Senior Marketing Specialist

I hope you have a great long weekend and find time to thank the people who make a difference in your life!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Forum One!

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