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New Year’s Resolutions from the Forum One Team

A new year is here and our team is ready to take on 2022! Over the holiday break we asked our team what some of their new year’s resolutions were and the answers ranged from prioritizing mental and physical health to normalizing environmentally-conscious habits. 

While this year may not have gotten off to the start we had all imagined—on top of an already precarious return-to-school, a surprise snow day in the DC area has meant that many families are still home and tackling virtual learning—we are genuinely excited to see what this year brings for our team and the impact our clients will have around the world.

Here are some of our team’s new year’s resolutions:

Prioritizing our health

  • “To foster a mindset that rests in its own abilities and fortitude; To connect my happiness only to those things which I can control.“ – Emily Naftalin, Data Analyst
  • “My new year’s resolution is to maintain a healthy and fit body.“ – Oruada Ukiwo, Business Development Representative
  • “My resolution is to become a better person by understanding other people’s desires, wants or needs and sharing them, even if I’m not a fan. This way I can learn how to enjoy life more.“ – Gonzalo Bernal, Senior Strategist
  • “Make progress on a diagnosis and embark on a successful treatment plan to help improve my partner’s health and quality of life.“ – Patti Barlow, Account Director
  • “My resolution is to be more present – at work and at home!“ – Susie Conwell-Cruz, Senior Account Manager

Taking care of the environment

  • “Purchase items that use less (or ideally none) of the non-recyclable plastic numbers that cannot be recycled locally. We’re sticking with 1, 2 & 5s only!“ – Kelsey Hicks, Senior Designer
  • “Start a small vegetable garden and become a plant lady” – Anonymous

Making way for personal growth

  • “To learn more about cyber security and finish writing my RPG adventure.“ – Anonymous
  • “To become 60% successful in investments for the year.“ – Anonymous

Leaning into our culinary sides 

  • “Eat out less and save for a trip to Asia!” – Anonymous
  • “Learn how to order food in French!” – Angel Seay, User Experience Designer
  • “I want to cook more! :)” – Kendall Adams, Enterprise Sales Executive

While 2022 will certainly have its own challenges, we are confident at Forum One that we can take them on together as a team and continue to grow through them. Here’s to the New Year and to all of our resolutions becoming a reality!

Are you making a resolution for the new year? If so, let us know on social! You can find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram!

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