Psycholinguistics: What Your Organization’s Language is Silently Communicating

How your audiences perceive your organization—and choose to connect and engage with you versus your counterparts—depends significantly on your brand’s language and voice.

Language is the primary medium through which we convey beliefs, ideas, and intentions. It is the basis for the complex exchange of information that is crucial for education and community building. While we all recognize the omnipresence of language, organizations often miss that language serves as more than just a communication mechanism; it also shapes how audiences view organizations.

In this webinar, we illuminate the pivotal role of language and voice in sculpting the relationship between your brand and current and future advocates. Forum One’s VP of Strategy, Steven Bond, showcases how organizations can review and improve response to their messaging by selecting language that aligns with your brand and builds credibility and belief in your organization.

What Steven covers:

  • The cornerstone of brand perception: The history of psycholinguistics and recent advances.
  • The influence of language and voice: How language and voice significantly influence supporters’ perspectives and impact willingness to take action.
  • Omnichannel messaging: Many organizations are communicating urgency via SMS and email and then success on their website and social media, creating confusion for their audiences and eroding trust.
  • Industry analyses: An overview of compelling analyses of various social and civic organizations’ brand perceptions. See how their approaches to language and voice influence how people view them—for better or worse.
  • Strategies for impact: Actionable strategies to enhance your brand perception, ensuring that every communication is building the case for your organization’s work.

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