SEIU-UHW & Joint Employer Education Fund
Advancing California’s Healthcare Workforce through Access to Learning

The Education Fund needed a comprehensive digital solution to scale up and effectively reach and respond to the needs of prospective learners.
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Healthcare professionals in California have many ways they can advance their careers, but the pressures of working in the medical field can make it difficult to find the resources. The Education Fund, a partnership between the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and United Healthcare Workers West (UHW), provides education, training, and career services to union members to help advance medical professionals’ careers. 

Established in 2004, the Education Fund includes 16 healthcare employers and over 100,000 healthcare workers who were eligible to take part in the fund’s educational benefits. However, only 10 percent of those eligible have utilized these career development opportunities. The Education Fund needed a comprehensive digital solution to scale up and effectively reach and respond to the needs of prospective learners.

Increasing awareness of advancement opportunities

Our goal was to help the fund establish a digital ecosystem that could grow in an iterative and agile manner, incorporating user feedback, technological change, and organizational growth over time. Working with stakeholders across the organization, we led a discovery process to gather internal data and feedback necessary and proposed a comprehensive three-year digital roadmap and strategic plan.

Our recommendations included a Salesforce CRM, tools for complex data analyses, updated navigation and content strategy, information architecture, as well as new email and project management tools — all with the goal of better capturing and facilitating interactions with prospective learners in order to help them advance through their learning journey.


Forum One worked with the Education Fund on a strategy that could empower them to make more informed decisions—utilizing a human-centric and holistic digital approach—in order to build and advance a diverse healthcare workforce. Ultimately, this work has increased the ability for healthcare workers in California to advance their careers.

Since the launch of the new digital strategy and roadmap, the Education Fund has successfully renewed bargaining agreements with unions thanks to their ability to concretely show that employees that take training through the Fund receive significant wage increases.

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