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Inspiring Hope Through Stories of Conservation

When it comes to the environment, we too often hear a narrative of doom and despair. WILD HOPE—a television series that spotlights changemakers around the world who are protecting and restoring the natural world—aims to change that narrative. The people and stories in WILD HOPE show us how biodiversity begins in our own backyards, providing us with heroes we all can rally behind, and demonstrating that each of us can make a difference.
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Forum One partnered with HHMI Tangled Bank Studios to build wildhope.tv, the digital hub for the television series. With episodes airing on PBS and YouTube, the online hub provides viewers with additional opportunities to explore the series’ themes and inspire a deeper interest in conservation science. 

Grounded in a commitment to science education

HHMI Tangled Bank Studios was founded in 2012 by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) as an extension of its longstanding commitment to science education. HHMI is the largest private nonprofit supporter of science education and life science research in the U.S. HHMI Tangled Bank Studios shines a light on some of the most significant scientific and societal challenges and breakthroughs of our time. The WILD HOPE series launched in 2023 with a focus on stories that illustrate what can be done to halt and reverse the loss of biodiversity. 

Paving a digital path to deepen engagement in conservation

Forum One collaborated with HHMI Tangled Bank Studios to develop a stunning, mobile-responsive WordPress site for the WILD HOPE series: WildHope.tv. 

HHMI Tangled Bank Studios wanted a way to engage viewers between episodes and encourage a deeper engagement with the series’ content. The digital hub was developed to immerse viewers in three ways: Watch, Explore, and Engage.

Translating a narrative of hope into a visual style

When the WILD HOPE team came to Forum One they had a strong visual style, but the documentary series hadn’t launched yet and they needed help bringing that same style to life on the website. 

There were also issues of scale: They knew the site needed to be visually stunning, but they also needed a site that could expand and be managed by their small team. 

To meet these needs, the site was developed and released through multiple phases with an emphasis on visual design. Forum One provided the WILD HOPE team with the tools to dramatically expand content as the project grew and new episodes and materials were released.

The digital hub has since been nominated for two Webby Awards. Out of 13,000 entries, the nomination is not just an honor; it’s a testament to the team’s hard work, creativity, and innovative spirit.

Forum One continues to support ongoing maintenance of the digital hub, as well as ensuring the highest quality user experience.

Shifting understanding of conservation

The goals of the digital hub created by Forum One are to help increase awareness of and interest in conservation science, inspire others to join in the movement, and highlight conservation work that is succeeding to halt and reverse the loss of biodiversity across the globe.

WILD HOPE works to shift the narrative around the environmental sector.  The right tone and engaging content to drive a positive message is critical to the site’s success.

The dynamic, user-friendly platform not only showcases the WILD HOPE series but also enhances interaction and exploration, ultimately giving viewers additional pathways to support broader conservation efforts.

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