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In 2017, Internews identified a major lack of support for local news agencies, particularly in developing parts of the world, to retain the capacity to tell transparent, trustworthy news in a quickly changing world. Internews partnered with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to build a coalition of leaders in the field of news and media to strengthen transparency and truth in media. Internews engaged Forum One to help tell the story of this new coalition.
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Internews works to ensure access to trusted, quality information that empowers people to have a voice in their future and to live healthy, secure, and rewarding lives. They envision a world where everyone can communicate freely with anyone, anywhere, and exchange the news and information they need to shape their communities and the world.

Creating a Name to Tell a Powerful Story

Audience research revealed that the most impactful aspects of the new coalition were community, trust, and transparency. Forum One then led a workshop with Internews to define how they interpret these concepts and where they see the biggest opportunities for the coalition to convey these ideas. Together, we chose to name the coalition “United for News,” a name that represents the joint effort (united or community) for a shared resource (news or media). The name communicates not only the coalition of members but a movement for society as a whole.

Developing a New Brand and Narrative

The United for News brand needed to be forward-looking, visionary, credible, and effective to truly communicate its value and the timeliness of its mission. We chose warm gold and black, a color palette that represents both hope and levity and created a wordmark logo that uses a modern sans serif font that creates a current, but simple, tone with black text over a gold drop shadow. The brand style harkens back to print journalism and denotes a clean, honest representation of news in a disrupted world.

Bringing the United for News Brand to Life

Internews and WEF unveiled United for News at WEF Davos 2018,  showcasing the mission, vision, and coalition partners. Novelty-size United for News pins were created for attendees to wear during the conference and take home. Working quickly and nimbly in Squarespace, we created an online brand experience using key brand elements such as simple typography, black and white imagery, and a hopeful pop of gold throughout. The site uses these elements to capture the essence of its mission: a commitment to transforming media markets around the world so that citizens, businesses, and governments everywhere can benefit from the positive impact of high-quality, local news and information.


  • Internews and WEF unveiled the new United for News brand at WEF Davos 2018, which showcased both the initiative and the importance of a healthy media to global influencers.

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