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A robust and deliberate digital strategy is an absolute cornerstone for any enterprise nonprofit organization. Achieving a nonprofit’s mission to create positive change in the world necessitates the right mix of digital tools and strategies to communicate, educate, and engage people to get involved, support a cause, and fight for what’s right.

Forum One is dedicated to supporting nonprofits to improve the way their digital strategies are designed, deployed, and managed to create an impact in the communities they serve. From large-scale digital ecosystem design and development to digital strategies that build cohesive brand experiences, we are the trusted partner to some of the world’s most influential enterprise nonprofits that are changing the world.

Digital transformation and digital ecosystems for nonprofits

We improve the effectiveness of nonprofits’ overall digital ecosystems by managing digital properties as products, introducing new offerings and services, and eliminating duplicative, competing, or poorly-performing channels. Through in-depth discovery and research, we uncover issues around audiences, content, branding, data, and technical requirements that allow nonprofits to complete a digital transformation that delivers online content, services, and resources through a cohesive digital ecosystem. Forum One worked with the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation to completely rethink their digital ecosystem from the ground up, and optimize how they attract, engage, and grow their target audiences, including donors and supporters. 

Nonprofit digital strategy

Nonprofits need to use resources wisely, so any technology investment is deliberate and strategic. At Forum One, we work with nonprofits to deliver successful digital strategies that are flexible enough to accommodate technology and organizational changes, and specific enough to chart a clear course that the entire organization can follow. We worked with the SEIU-UHW Education Fund to develop a comprehensive three-year roadmap and overarching digital strategy to reach the Education Fund’s priority goals, encompassing its full technical product mix from digital marketing platforms and CRM tools to internal communications platforms and business intelligence systems.

Nonprofit web design and development

A nonprofit’s website is one of the biggest touchpoints a person will experience with its brand, and so it must clearly present and deliver both valuable information and action points. Forum One works with nonprofits to harness the power of open source web platforms to design and deliver cohesive online experiences that culminate in clear, user-friendly, audience-facing websites. We worked with the Alliance for Justice to redesign and develop their flagship website as well as their and Bolder Advocacy website to effectively connect audiences with actionable resources and engagement opportunities. 

Data visualization and management

We present complex data in ways that allow audiences to explore, understand, share, and apply information to make smarter, data-driven decisions at all levels. We successfully employ digital data storytelling to share actionable data to strengthen and support communities. Forum One designed and developed the City Health Dashboard with NYU Langone Health’s Department of Population Health to share and compare data on 37 measures of public health across more than 500 U.S. cities. With powerful tools to explore and analyze the data, the City Health Dashboard is a one-stop resource for comprehensive, reliable, and actionable data to help America’s cities build healthier and more equitable communities. 

Brand experiences for nonprofits

A brand experience is so much more than just a logo, tagline, or name; it is how people experience every interaction with an organization. Nonprofit brands are built on equity and trust – both of which must be built over time. We help nonprofits develop and build on their brands to create a cohesive experience across all channels. Forum One worked with Internews to brand, design, develop, and roll out United for News, an initiative to give local media markets around the world – particularly in developing countries – the tools and resources to report accurate, transparent, and trustworthy information to counter the rapid spread of “fake news.”

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