Digital Solutions for State and Local Government

State and local governments are committed to providing support, information, and services to the citizens and districts they represent. Digital platforms and strategies are absolutely essential to achieve this, which means that siloed and disparate data, inaccessible websites and applications, and outdated legacy systems can create real barriers to effectively delivering key services and meeting constituent expectations. 

Forum One works with state and local governments to overcome these barriers by developing effective data management and decision-making strategies, designing and building accessible websites and digital ecosystems, modernizing outdated legacy systems, and crafting sound branding and communications plans. 

Digital modernization for state and local government

Government IT modernization is the process of updating outdated approaches, skill sets, and legacy systems that otherwise limit an agency’s ability to deliver on its mission. It is an essential process that many government agencies are faced with today. In addition to issues of improving security and operational efficiency, modernization is also an important long-term strategy to reduce overall IT costs. Forum One worked with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) to create a digital strategy and roadmap to reposition the Colorado WIC program for future success. With a clear, prioritized list of needs, they are now able to focus on increasing online participation, improving the platform’s digital experience, and strengthening operational efficiency and agility. The enhanced value of the new user experience has already led to a more equitable, accessible, and scalable program that recipients can trust.

State and local government brand strategy

For government agencies, branding is about managing and strengthening how citizens see them.  A strong government brand strategy sets the tone for constituents to effectively know who they are, what services they provide, and how they are a trustworthy source of information and support. The most important factor for an effective government brand is trust. Forum One works with state and local government agencies to create strong brand strategies that are

crucial in helping them build and maintain trust. We worked with South Carolina’s Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation (SCLLR) to conceptualize and design a new agency logo and brand identity system as part of a larger digital redesign. The new brand system is effectively applied across individual boards and departments, while maintaining a consistent, unique, and trusted brand identity for the overall agency across all online and offline assets.

Digital ecosystems and accessible, open-source web design and development

A state and local government’s website is one of the biggest touchpoints a person will experience when interacting with the agency. Forum One works with state and local governments to harness the power of open source web platforms to design and deliver cohesive online experiences that culminate in clear, user-friendly, audience-facing websites. Forum One worked with Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) to completely reengineer and redesign their school network’s websites in Drupal, with a focus on making it easier for users to find what they need, more efficient and cost-effective for FCPS to maintain, and more flexible as a central communications hub for multiple, diverse audiences. Using a hub-and-spoke model, our solution uses the latest Drupal 8 technology to allow FCPS to maintain a strong central web presence and brand while giving individual schools the flexibility to spin-off websites that meet their unique needs. We continue to provide ongoing, data-driven enhancements and support to FCPS’s nearly 200 websites, and our team is currently working with FCPS to redesign and develop its employee Intranet. 

Big data management, data visualization, data-informed decision making

Forum One works with state and local government agencies to present complex data that allow audiences to explore, understand, share, and apply information to make smarter, data-driven decisions. We successfully employ digital data storytelling to share actionable data to strengthen and support communities. We also work with state and local governments to break down silos to unify and organize data so that leadership can make informed decisions to meet their goals. Forum One worked with California’s Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to establish a new strategy and digital ecosystem that will allow them to plan and scale. We helped develop a web governance strategy, a style guide for their publishing systems, and a robust analytics and reporting program so that DHCS can plan and prioritize data-driven improvements over the long term. Forum One also supports DHCS’s web analytics work through surveying tools and strategies for publishing data and is currently working to integrate DHCS data into the California State Data Portal.

Our state and local government clients include: 

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