Digital Transformation for Nonprofits

The future for mission-driven organizations is digital. Digital transformation is a critical element in achieving nonprofits’ missions. From technology to marketing communications to operations, digital should be core to every part of your organization.

Forum One works with mission-driven organizations to harness the power of digital transformation and craft digital solutions that move your mission forward and accelerate your impact.

Digital-First Strategy

The world has changed, and mission-driven organizations are changing with it. Digital is the most valuable way to connect with people in today’s environment. Modern organizations require holistic, digital-first strategies that integrate digital across an organization, instead of disparate systems for individual departments. 

We approach our work using  Agile methodologies, cross-functional working groups, and ongoing measurement and evaluation. Forum One works with your organization to create a strategy that:

  • Harnesses the power of data and business intelligence through long-term data management, modernization, and best practices.
  • Increases the effectiveness of your digital communications and strengthens revenue streams.
  • Improves and highlights your return on investment in digital tactics and technologies.

Technology & Infrastructure Transformation 

A major element in organizational digital transformation is understanding what your current digital ecosystem looks like and how your organization will need to adapt when you start using new platforms.

Forum One works with mission-driven organizations to understand the current state of their digital ecosystems and create roadmaps and technology strategies to help break down digital silos across their organizations and integrate new technologies.

Digital Product & Services 

Successful digital transformation addresses both internal systems and the digital products and services that provide value to your external audiences. We can improve the effectiveness of your overall ecosystem by managing your digital properties as products, introducing new offerings and services, and eliminating duplicative, competing, or poorly performing channels.

People & Processes

Digital-first organizations need to move quickly and have processes in place that allow them to be agile. They also need to have people who have the right skills to make new technology work for the organization. Investing in people and processes that keep your systems running and up-to-date is a vital piece of your digital transformation.

Forum One is committed to making sure your digital transformation strategy not only addresses the technology but also the people and processes needed to drive your mission forward.

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