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No Dreams or Busywork: Designing Successful Projects

There’s a saying that goes, “ideas without execution are hallucinations.” I’d modify that to say that, ‘ideas without execution are dreams; while in the reverse, execution without an idea is just busywork.’ The reality is that ideas and execution are symbiotic, and a worthwhile project requires both in roughly equal… Read More

Search Snippets with Search API and Display Suite

If you’re using the Display Suite module — and we here at Forum One are big fans — you might have noticed an add-on to pull the search snippet from Apache Solr as a field you could add to a display mode. This means you can use Apache… Read More

Planning and Building Salesforce Integration in Drupal

While I couldn’t make it to Drupalcon Barcelona last week, I insisted on giving a presentation somewhere. Forum One let me do it as a webinar: Planning and Building Salesforce Integration. There are some truly wonderful tools for integrating Salesforce with Drupal out there, but the tricky part is planning, documenting,… Read More

Gorongosa Park Documentary Series Premiere on PBS

Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique is about to be featured in its very own documentary series on PBS. It is always great to see how our clients use their websites as a platform to further broadcast achievements and special events like this one. As you can see, Gorongosa… Read More

What Nonprofits Can Learn from Government

Sure, the government can sometimes be bureaucratic and slow moving, but there are some excellent standards that nonprofits can learn from when building a website. Just in the last year, we’ve had the great pleasure to partner with a number of government agencies, and the products that we’ve seen come… Read More

Summer Retrospective: Beaches, Jekyll, Agile, D3 and Innovation

With Labor Day behind us, the temperatures are cooling, the peach crop at the farmer’s market is running thin, and most Forum One folks are back from vacations to beaches, lakes and mountains. Between the summer vacations, we also completed some hot work with our clients: innovative strategies, designs, platform creations, and… Read More

Getting started on Drupal 8 with the Web Starter Kit

PHP is nearing another milestone when 5.4 goes out of security updates. PHP 5.5 adds some significant language enhancements, things like finally and generators, as well as a first-class opcode cache in the form of the OpCache module. There's also the teeny detail of Drupal 8 requiring PHP 5.5 or… Read More

Solr Search: How to Avoid the Black Box

A question that comes up often in terms of Solr Search is, "why are my search results appearing in this particular order?" You can play with the Boost and other UI configuration but how do you know what Solr is actually returning to determine that order? This blog post aims to… Read More

Technology & Passion for a Cooler Planet

Climate change is – if you’ll excuse the pun – a hot issue this year, and that’s not likely to change.   Events have aligned to create what political scientists call a policy window: a confluence of an identified problem with a policy to address it and the political… Read More

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