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Unifying Your Data Strategy

There is no “I” in data. No one team or person can handle all the data in a given organization, so how do you get everyone to pull together and gain alignment? Unifying your data strategy is not an easy task. More and more, we’re seeing mission-driven organizations begin investing… Read More

4 Things Large Nonprofits Miss When Redesigning their Website

Your website, in many cases, is the entry point for the majority of your audiences. It serves as the digital face of your organization and is the main source of knowledge about the programs and issues you work on. It is perhaps the most important asset to further your mission… Read More

Digital Government Trends in 2023

As we begin 2023, we are seeing big changes in the way federal and state governments work.  Some of the digital government trends I believe will be most impactful in 2023 include: Where We Work – Many government agencies have liberalized their work-from-home policies. While some agencies still require everyone… Read More

Staff Spotlight: Christine Perlick, Director, Client Services

Our talented staff is the backbone of all our work at Forum One. With diverse backgrounds, experiences, and specializations, they share a curiosity and passion for the mission-driven work we embrace every day.Meet Christine Perlick, Forum One’s Director of Client Services. Christine provides senior-level strategic guidance, ensuring excellence and… Read More

Mission-Driven Sector Trends 2023

2023, here we are!  2022 brought much experimentation for most, if not all, mission-driven organizations as we heard during last year’s Digital Impact Summit where we were joined by nonprofit and public sector organizations to discuss what was working and what wasn’t with their digital strategy. So what are some… Read More

Best Content of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close and we are excited for 2023, we have spent time reflecting on the past year and all we have accomplished. As we think about our clients’ biggest challenges and successes, we want to share some of the best content of 2022 that our… Read More

Don’t Wait: The Time to Plan for GA4 is Now

The end of the year is a natural time for virtual house cleaning. What parts of your digital strategy are working well? What efforts need to be fine-tuned, or overhauled completely? This year, the need to check in is even more critical, as 2023 will usher in a whole new… Read More

Forum One Highlights 2022

For many of us, 2022 was yet another blur of a year. We’ve continued to adjust to new ways of working together and navigating new uncertainties. We’re a little tired, but we’re hopeful. And we’re oh-so-ready for a new year and a fresh start!  Before we step into the possibilities that… Read More

Experts Weigh In: Annual Planning Best Practices

It’s our great privilege at Forum One to not only work with some of the best nonprofits, cultural institutions, and government agencies around, but also to learn from them, and extend their expertise to the broader community of mission-driven organizations. So I was thrilled to bring together communications and technology… Read More

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