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Designing Digital Navigation Paths

Lessons from an Amazing Hike Sandstone spires towered above us, a hundred feet or more of brilliant stripes in reds and buffs. Each new formation reached to the crisp, blue sky, its own intricate carving of water and wind, rising from a base of undulating canyons and sandy gulches filled… Read More

Vote Today for Our #23NTC Sessions!

Forum One and friends have five great submissions for next year’s #23NTC in Denver. Take a look and cast your vote so that we can share some pretty spectacular and helpful insight and stories with you next April! The annual Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) is NTEN’s signature technology… Read More

Forum One Wins 5 WebAwards!

The results are in! We are excited to announce that Forum One has been recognized as a 2022 WebAwards winner of five awards in five different categories.  The WebAwards are the longest-running annual website award competition dedicated to naming the best websites in 96 industries while setting the standard… Read More

ShipIt Day! Creating a Culture of Impactful Innovation

At Forum One, we are surrounded by colleagues who inspire us to think creatively, solve problems inquisitively, and learn continuously. How can we create a corporate culture of impactful innovation and entrepreneurship in an environment where all team members feel heard, seen, and empowered to make a difference, both with… Read More

Narrative Change Strategy

We tell stories to make sense of the world around us. Stories are based on commonly held beliefs about people, institutions, and society.  It allows us to communicate with others and build connections. Narratives have the power to liberate or oppress because they have the potential to influence the beliefs… Read More

Best Practices: Creating Alt Text for Social Media

Alternative text (alt text) is used to describe non-textual elements, like photos, icons, and data visualizations. Just like images on websites, including alt text for social media images is important to make your social media posts accessible for people with disabilities and in low-bandwidth environments. Alt text will provide context… Read More

The Power of Animation and Motion Design

This post is the first in the series “Motion for Good” where we explore the world of motion graphics through the lens of nonprofit and cause-driven organizations. Motion Graphics and Animation — often referred to as MoGraph in the design industry — has really exploded in the past several years… Read More

The Value of a Forum One Summer Internship

Today is the last day of our Forum One summer internship! In early June, Forum One welcomed six talented interns to our team from across the country. This year, we were happy to continue our partnership with the Posse Foundation to recruit from a diverse group of talented students.Over… Read More

Spotlight: The Forum One Data and Analytics Team

Digital strategy runs on data. Without robust data and analytics, any organization’s strategy is just a series of guesses. While it’s easier than ever to access data—every digital action, from website clicks to member signups produces a trackable trail—knowing how to use the data is a different story. Often, our… Read More

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