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Our Top 5 Webinars of 2019

We shared our most-read blogs from 2019 earlier this week, and now we’re sharing our most attended webinars from the year. Before you say farewell to 2019, take some time to watch or listen to a few webinars that our clients and good friends and followers loved the most. 

A new year is a chance for a new start. Let the excitement of the new year motivate you to take a fresh look at how you’re measuring the success of your organization. This webinar helps cut through the noise of the many disparate data sources we deal with to focus on the metrics that matter the most to quantify your impact this year.

You may have heard of the benefits of accessibility or know you need to prioritize it in your work, but you’re a little confused about what that means and what steps you need to take. This webinar clears up any confusion and helps you speak confidently about accessibility.

Are you telling the brand story your busy advocates or potential supporters actually want to hear? In this webinar, our nonprofit brand experts help you answer this question, by exploring the most common trends in our brand perception research among nonprofit advocates and stakeholders.  

Your digital communications strategy is filled with small updates and tweaks to better reach your audiences and goals. When it comes to your website, ongoing changes may include modifying the navigation experience to make it easier for users to find the information they are looking for, or taking on a new content strategy approach that better connects with people.

Data-informed design — the development and use of hard evidence to support design decisions — can be a powerful way to speak to stakeholders in ways they can hear.  In this webinar, we share how we have made use of analytics, usability testing, and related research techniques to not just make notable design improvements to certain website areas, but to also improve the prominence of user experience design.

These are the top five of 2019, however, you can always head over to our Events page to request recordings of any of your favorite webinars and sign up for our newsletter to receive invitations to future events. On behalf of the entire Forum One team, we wish you all the best for a happy and successful 2020!

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