Happy Holidays, March of Dimes!

Thank you from all of us at Forum One!

It has been truly amazing to get to work with the team at March of Dimes. You put your trust in us to help tidy your ecosystem, extend your online influence, and plan for the exciting years ahead. It’s a privilege to support the mission of such an amazing organization and to witness the fruits of our labor make a difference in the world. Thank you for your continued support, patience, and willingness to think creatively to produce work that will really resonate and provide a positive impact for moms and babies. We’re so thrilled to be working with you!

Why we love working with you.

Looking back on 2022, we’ve had a lot of great moments and memories that make us excited for what’s ahead in 2023.

It is such a pleasure to work with March of Dimes to communicate the full story of your expansive mission and to build new tools for delivering your work to families. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have a small part in improving the health of all moms, babies and families. Here’s to more great work in 2023!

Elisabeth Bradley, Chief Strategy Officer

Working with MoD has been a bright spot in my career at Forum One. To say it’s been a pleasure working alongside your team over the past couple of years would be an understatement! Thank you for always rolling with the punches and placing your trust in us. I sincerely appreciate our partnership, and look forward to all that we’ll accomplish together in 2023!

Christine Perlick, Director, Client Services

Getting to know the March of Dimes team and leading this project into the wild has been extremely exciting! You all are a wonderful group of people and I look forward to working together more next years. I hope you all are as proud of the work as I am!

Charlotte Sisk, Senior Project Manager

Thank you so much to the March of Dimes & March for Babies sprint teams! It was such a pleasure to get to know all of you and facilitate collaboration on your digital experiences. I especially loved seeing your thoughtful solutions – each one its own act of bravery. I look forward to the continued evolution of the MOD digital ecosystem and your impact on the lives of families and babies!

Beth Watson, Strategy Lead

Happy holidays from our team to yours!

There are so many exciting opportunities ahead of us and we can’t wait to hit the ground running! 

The Forum One Team

Account Leadership

Charlotte Sisk, Senior Project Manager (Washington, DC)

Christine Perlick, Director, Client Services (Seattle, WA)

Elisabeth Bradley, Chief Strategy Officer (Alexandria, VA)

Jamie Bourne, Senior Interactive Designer (Washington, DC)

Julia Bradshaw, UX Design Lead (Denver, CO)

Mark Mahon, Managing Director, Technical Services (Washington, DC)


Kurt Voelker, Chief Growth Officer (Arlington, VA)

Matt Burge, Solutions Director (Greensboro, SC)

Project Management

Kemi Adetosoye, Project Manager (Silver Spring, MD)

Juwon Jolapamo, Project Manager (Baltimore, MD)


Zach Grimshaw, Senior Digital Strategist (Arlington, VA)

Beth Watson, Strategy Lead (Alexandria, VA)

Corinne Balicki, Communications Strategist (San Diego, CA)

Sara Tetreault, Strategy Director (Portland, OR)

Amanda Halacy, Senior Strategist (Denver, CO)


Corey Jones, Creative Director (Bayonne, NJ)

Jeff (Smitty) Smith, Brand Creative Lead (Seattle, WA)

Front-end Development

Tommy Alter, Technical Manager (Alexandria, VA)

Alycia Cahill, Frontend Developer (Seattle, WA)

App Development

Andrew Howell, Technology Manager (Seattle, WA)

Steve Clay, Technical Manager (Ormond Beach, FL)

Alex Ford, Principal Engineer (Washington, DC)


Nick Dotson, Associate Digital Strategist (Madison, WI)

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