The Nonprofit Digital Roadmap

Your nonprofit digital roadmap is key to ensuring that the entirety of your digital ecosystem is able to meet today’s digital transformation needs.

Mission-driven organizations carry with them a deep sense of responsibility to achieve their goals while making the best decisions around what resources and tools they need to get them there. That being said, change is hard. According to a recent survey conducted by Gartner, “53% of the organizations surveyed remain untested in the face of digital challenge and their digital transformation readiness therefore uncertain.” 

Setting your digital roadmap

As major nonprofit brands look to 2024 and beyond, the need to confirm that the direction their digital strategy is taking is working hand-in-hand with their digital ecosystem of tools not only determines resources and technology investments, but also their ability to effectively measure ROI.

A smart and well-considered digital roadmap is one of the most important planning tools for the nonprofit sector to know which digital platforms are best suited for their needs, how they will manage and optimize them, and what resources and skills are needed for success.

White paper

Your organization is committed to supporting communities across the globe, but do you have a strategy to leverage digital solutions that accelerate this progress? Is your ecosystem of websites and digital products best serving all your audiences? And do you trust your data?

Realign your digital strategy

If you’ve got a strategy that’s working, you want to extend and build on that to increase success. If you’ve got a strategy that’s not up to part, you want to optimize it in order to reach your goals. Figuring out when and how to do this most often requires a stepping back and realignment of how your digital strategy fits into your mission’s goals.

Map your digital ecosystem

A digital ecosystem map is a visual diagram of all the online tools and platforms used within an organization. It illustrates processes, how data moves between components, and whether it is automated or manual. Just as importantly, it shows where systems are not currently connected or able to speak or transfer data to one another. A good digital ecosystem map also illustrates the users of each system and who is responsible for maintaining them.

Nonprofits that are doing this well

Forum One supports enterprise nonprofits in both reimagining and realigning their digital strategy and technology roadmap, the results of which have included increased brand reputation, community engagement, and internal efficiencies. 

Dig further into your digital strategy: additional insights

For over 27 years, Forum One has been working with some of the world’s largest mission-driven organizations to take a holistic approach to their digital strategies and tools in order to reach audiences and goals. Our commitment to turning ideas into impact drives our team of strategists, designers, and technologists to build solutions that have lasting and positive results in communities worldwide.

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